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Dualtron X II (Dualtron X 2) is the improved 2020 version of the legendary Dualtron X, an amazing electric scooter with brute power, the best hydraulic suspensions one can find on an electric scooter, high stability, and extreme durability.

Dualtron X II equipped with Max 8300W BLDC Dual Hub motors, enough to take you to unbelievable speeds that exceed 68 mph. And with a powerful battery capacity 72V 3024Wh (LG, Li-on battery), Hence, it is the most powerful and longest distance electric scooter, up to 93 miles. It is also a monster capable of climbing slopes of 60-70% at incredible speeds.

Other than that, Dualtron X II have upgrade the LED light system , It built in with Dual LED front lamp + Steering tube , illuminate LED bar + Side deck LED light, bottom mood LED & taillight and brake light. Make you more noticeable and safe riding at night/rain or road.

**Please note that Dualtron X II does not qualify for free shipping. Due to over-sized packaging, an addition of $550 surcharge is required for shipping within the United States. Processing time for shipment may take up 7 - 14 days and shipping time will be around 7 business days. Please contact us for more information.


  8,300w              67mph          72V, 42aH              


93 miles              330 lbs                  35°                


     13"                 145.5 lbs

Warranty valid for 6-months, read our warranty policy here.

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