Introduction to Minimotors NYC Affiliate Program

Ready to grow your business? Take your online marketing to the next level. With ads on your website, you get paid for every sales orders. Get new traffic and earn money from your website. Advertising with us has never been easier.

We are looking for people that have;


  Website               Blog           Social Media         Youtube

By placing our ad in your website, you will receive commission of up to 8% for every successful order. Ads can be in forms of text, banner or video.

How to Become Our Affiliate?

Minimotors NYC offer a simple affiliate signup process, so that you can begin earning commission payments from your website as soon as possible.

Fill up your information below and click the "Join" button below to register an affiliate account.

Once submitted and reviewed, you will get an approval email from us.


Now you are an affiliate of us. Acquire our text links, banners, and place them on your website, blog, social media or youtube to promote our products.

If visitors click the links & banners from your website blog, social media or youtube to purchase our scooter products, you get paid!