Dualtron Storm Ltd (Limited)

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Dualtron Storm Ltd (Limited)

Minimotors is bringing its all-new and improved Dualtron Storm Limited with a powerful 84v 45Ah fixed battery and a maximum of 11500w sheer power! That’s unprecedented for any of the earlier models and other brands can compete!

The Storm Limited is equipped with a boost technology, “ludicrous mode” which gives you an additional 60A output current by just simply double-tapping the throttle.

Storm Limited now includes a fingerprint sensor, lower light bar, steering damper, and a 95.4v 4A Fast Charger for faster charging!


 11,500w                 70mph                84V, 45aH             


80 - 120 miles*         260 lbs                      35°                


      12"                      115 lbs

*Range depends on Rider's weight, Terrain and Riding Speed (25mph - 35mph)

Warranty valid for 6-months, read our warranty policy here.

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