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Pure riding and pure adrenaline, Minimotors is proud to introduce Dualtron ‘Storm’, a substantial and bold evolution of Dualtron ‘Thunder’; and as the name suggests, is extremely robust and strong, making it the most high-tech, high-performance and uncompromising electric scooter ever. For unconditional sheer riding pleasure that lasts as long as the road ahead. The mere sight of the iconic design causes adrenaline levels to rise.

Significant technological improvements on the motors, braking system, and frame design push the physical boundaries and the limits of riding dynamics once again further. More radical, more aggressive, and more dramatic, the Dualtron ‘Storm’ is Minimotors’s pinnacle of riding dynamics, enabling straightforward handling on winding roads and providing an impelling thrill behind the wheels.

Inspiring, fascinating, and ready to reinterpret mobility. The Dualtron ‘Storm’ was designed and made by Minimotors HQs after collecting thousands of feedback worldwide from the exceptional Dualtron ‘Thunder’. The idea behind the Dualtron Storm is simple: to give our customers an all-in-one featured scooter that is powerful, sturdy, well designed, smart, and aggressive. It is future-proofed given its extreme performance.

The Dualtron Storm is equipped with two state-of-the-art Minimotors’ Direct Drive Brushless (HUB) motors that deliver a total power of 6640W, enough to take you to unbelievable speeds that exceed 62 mph. The immense torque combined with a relatively low curb weight of 101 lbs means that the ‘Storm’ can go as fast as 62 mph, much quicker than its predecessor. To top things off, it also comes fitted with a huge battery pack of 72V 31.5Ah, powered by LG, which enables the ‘Storm’ to travel 80 miles* with ease.

Equipped with 11-inch Ultra-Wide tubeless tires, and enhanced water-resistance throughout its body, Dualtron ‘Storm’ is the perfect electric scooter built for off-road, cross-country use. It boasts its ability to climb almost any hills with a slope of 70% (around 35°). The ‘Storm’ dares to claim itself the “King of Mountains”.


  6,640w              62mph          72V, 31.5aH              


75 miles              330 lbs                  35°                


     11"                 101 lbs

Warranty valid for 6-months, read our warranty policy here.

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