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Cosmodz Nova 72v Fiido

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Introducing the Cosmodz Nova. Starting with a Fiido frame as a base, 72v Built-to-order with upgraded dual 5kw motors and custom controllers. A custom carbon fiber textured seat, magura mt33 hydraulic brakes, specifically chosen handlebars and hydraulic suspensions allowing you to rocket down the streets on a tiny electric package.

Sporting on black, gunmetal gray or custom chameleon green with Cosmodz Nova side panels, the Nova is a sight to behold.

Fast chargers are sold separately, 72v 8a. 

All Cosmodz Nova are build-to-order with a lead time of 1-2 week.


    15000w              65mph+            72v 33aH            


60-80 miles*           240 lbs                   30°                


         13"                   70 lbs

*Range depends on Rider's weight, Terrain and Riding Speed (25mph - 35mph)

Warranty valid for 6-months, read our warranty policy here.