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Cosmodz Carbon Fiber Steering Column for Dualtrons

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Our best-selling item in Cosmodz. Long-awaited finally released to all! Fancy a lighter, stronger and sexy looking steering column? Introducing our Cosmodz Carbon Fiber Steering Column! Dress up your Dualtron while increasing performance and stability at the same time!

The Carbon Steering Column will fit the new Dualtron Storm, Dualtron Ultra 2, Thunder, Ultra, DT3, DT2, Eagle Pro, Mini and many other older models.

*Please note that 31.8mm Handlebar is required for this part, you may view our collection of handlebars here at: , refitting of the original Dualtron foldable bar is possible with Handlebar Shims (purchased externally) that converts 31.8mm to 22.2mm.*