Magura Brake Pads for MT5/MT5e/MT7

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Magura's 8-series disc brake pads feature a disconnected back plate, letting them compress independently of each other

8.P pads are replacement pads for Magura's MT5 and MT7 series 4-piston brake systems. An independent steel support plate holds the organic pad, built with a high performance stopping compound.

8.R pads utilize their unique race compound, offering maximum stopping power for riders who want to push the limits.

9.C pads for ultimate comfort. For riders who want control rather than bite from their brakes as well as those looking for a long-lasting product.

9.P pads for Performance. For long tours these pads offer safety together with excellent performance in all situations.


Installation not included. Installation Fee is $20/side. Installation is limited to in-store only.