Dualtron Ultra II

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Ultra II, the successor of the legendary off-road electric scooter from Minimotors. This all-new 2020 Dualtron Ultra II takes the performance even further with an upgraded 72v 35AH LG MJ1 battery (2520Wh). 

The new 72v controllers that were designed from the ground up are relocated to the rear “wing” that allows better heat management and water-resistant. This will allows the rider to enjoy more torque and higher top speed without overheating the controllers. 

The Ultra II has now equipped with a highly efficient and adjustable suspension suitable for all-terrains.

In addition, the Ultra II also inherited all the LED lighting features from the Dualtron Thunder providing more visibility, making it a safer ride in the night.


  6,640w              62mph           72V, 35aH              


80 miles              330 lbs                  35°                


     11"                  88 lbs

Warranty valid for 6-months, read our warranty policy here.

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