Dualtron Spider 2

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Dualtron Spider II. The Lightweight Hero Is Back. 

New vision, new motor and new battery life. The Dualtron Spider 2 has significant upgrades on its predeseccor while retaining the title of Dualltron's lightest 10-inch electric scooter! 
Dualtron has created this machine in an effort to push the world on a more sustainable path, while inspiring and sharing the joy of electric scooters! The Dualtron Spider 2 comes with dual wheel drive, a 3984W max motor and 60V 30Ah Li-Ion battery. 


         4000w                   43mph         60V, 30aH (LG 21700)              


    40 - 50 miles*            210 lbs                        25°                


             10"                      57 lbs

    *Range depends on Rider's weight, Terrain and Riding Speed (25mph - 35mph)

    Warranty valid for 6-months, read our warranty policy here.