Dualtron Eagle Pro

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Dualtron Eagle is one of the most complete electric scooters out there, with enough power for steep hills, enough range for a 20 miles round trip every day ( 40 miles total range ). Great for anyone who weighs up to 200 lbs, I would recommend this scooter as an easy-going device, real slim, real stable and which 99% of the time you will not need more power of more range than what this beast already has.

It comes equipped with EYE Throttle with Cruise Control, Mileage, Voltage, Auto Shut-Off, Eco-Drive, Dual Drive, Turbo Drive, Adjustable Motor Power Delivery, Adjustable Electric Brake Force, On and Off ABS Safety Breaking Feature.

It comes equipped with dual side LED Lights for super-visibility and really impressive light show for those warm summer evenings

It is a brand-new launch, November 2019 and it has all the really good stuff that people typically enjoy having on a top-spec Dualtron


  3,600w            45mph           60V, 23aH               


50 miles            250 lbs                25°                


     10"                60 lbs

Warranty valid for 6-months, read our warranty policy here.