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You asked for a lightweight, powerful electric scooter that is easy to take with you on the train and bus.  Minimotors answer is the new Dualtron Spider!  

Featuring all the great technology that is in the larger Dualtron Scooters, the Dualtron Spider has 3,000 watt BLDC magnesium alloy motors and carbon fiber handlebars to shave off the added weight.  20kg, 60km range, and a max capable speed of 60kph.  Nuff said!

Dualtron Spider comes in 2 Battery Capacity, 17.5aH as Standard Version & 24.5aH as LTD version. $2,650 for LTD Version.


  3,000w            35mph        60V, 17.5aH             


50 miles            220 lbs                 25°                


     10"                44 lbs

Warranty valid for 12-months, read our warranty policy here.

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